Jayne Chattey – Mother of Lewis Chattey – Regional talent id 2013 mini red
Lewis has been playing tennis for just over 18 months. Lewis was spotted by Steve and Neil at The Wiltshire Tennis Academy when he used to attend the Saturday morning tennis club, which I am really pleased they did!!!
Lewis has gone from strength to strength in his tennis ability and this is due to all the support and guidance received from all at The Wiltshire Tennis Academy.
All the practice and training is hard work, however this has been rewarded by Lewis winning tournaments and progressing through the county and regional talent ID.
Lewis loves tennis and I am really pleased he enjoys it. I am very happy with the program he receives at The Wiltshire Tennis Academy. I know they all care about the children and want the best for them. As a parent I feel that the relaxed attitude and the fun they bring into tennis programs has been excellent and I look forward to seeing my son continue under their guidance.
Melanie/Tim Brown – Parents of Stan Brown – Aegon Future Stars Player 2013
Our son joined Wiltshire Tennis Academy just over 2 years ago in 2011 and although he was already playing tennis, this would not have been a problem as all ages and abilities are catered for. From the very first lesson he was hooked, the Academy ethos is about fun and good quality instruction so that all the kids love playing tennis and look forward to their lessons.
The team of coaches are excellent and the quality of tennis that some of the children are playing at the academy is mind blowing. The children get to make great friends and gain confidence that they can use both on and off court.
The sessions are run with a fun loving approach, which is subtly underpinned by high quality technical training, so whether you are looking to just be a social player or really want to improve your technical tennis to a high standard, the club can help you achieve this. There is also a level of hidden discipline, the instructors relate well to Children and have this ability to make the lesson fun but demand a level of respect and concentration.
And finally the important bit for the adults, you don’t have to freeze on the side of a tennis court: - Parking is easy, there are Comfy Seats with Sky sports, Wi-fi and Starbucks Coffee, even a Hairdresser! For the more enthusiastic there is a Gym, Swimming pool Squash and of course Tennis courts. – What more could you want to keep you occupied!
Sam Hutt
I was based in Swindon with Neil and Steve from the age of 9 up until 13. I think I made some of my biggest improvements in this period, especially from 11-13. I found that my technical areas of my game improved massively in all areas, forehand, backhand and serve etc.
They are great technical coaches who really helped me become a good ball striker and have simple swings on all sides that i know i can rely on when i need to. I had a great time training and playing as they always made it fun but at the same time brought out a good work ethic in you. Neil and Steve always cared about their players. They were always pushing me to train harder to improve and always wanted to know how i got on in competitions at the weekends. Even after, moving to train at an academy I still regularly keep in contact with both of them and feel i can talk to them about areas of my game that i’m struggling with or need advice with and they’ll happily try to help.
One of the biggest things I look for when i want a coach is that i can trust them and feel i can speak to them about on and off court issues and I had that working with Neil and Steve. When i 1st started working with them i was ranked between 4-6 in the county and by the time i left at 13, i was number 1 in the county by a mile, and top 10 in the country for my age.
Also, at the end of that year I went on to win the U14 National Singles and doubles titles with all the top players bar 1 playing it. I think this showed how quickly i improved working with them. Since then I have go on to represent Britain at U14, U16 and U18 level. I have also been ranked number 1 in UK at U14 and U16 level.
U14 – Highest ranking no. 1 - BTCA (player plus) Boys singles winner (previously won by Andy murray) , Road to Wimbledon doubles winner and singles semi finals, National singles and doubles winner, represented Gb at Teen tennis, Tarbes (U14 world championships), Diamond cup Antwerp and in the USA
U16 – Highest ranking no.1 – Aegon team tennis winner, 2 U18 Doubles ITF wins, 3 R/U ITF doubles U18, 2 Q/F singles ITF U18.
U18 – Got to a ranking of 60 in the world ITF U18 rankings and was top 5 in uk rankings. Played Junior Wimbledon a year young and made Q/F of doubles event, ITF Grade 1 singles Q/Fs and ITF Grade 2 Singles Semi finalist and Doubles runner up. Winner of Grade 4 ITF singles title.
Mens – Won a British tour, qualified for 4 main draw futures events still trying to get that 1st point and get going!
Darko Lazic – Ema Lazic current number 3 Under 14 in Country
Ema has been training at the Wiltshire Tennis Academysince May 2009 – in a full program till September 2011 and since then on weekends and during school breaks (as she had to move from Swindon due to school issues).
Ema started at the academy with 9.1 rating and in September 2011 she was 6.1 – she jumped 6 ratings in 5 seasons! She was the fastest improving player of her generation, moving from beyond 100th ranking position into top 15 12U girls in the UK.
Ema had worked hard to achieve this, but the NG Academy coaching team led by Neil Watts and Steve Yardley was behind this success. The team transformed Ema's tennis, improving her technique, game and fitness. But also, they helped Ema to mature on and off the court, as a player and a person.
From the parent's perspective I can say that is very difficult to find more flexible and more accommodating tennis academy. The coaches are very supportive, happy to advise and give guidance, but they are also ready to meet parents' demands.
Thank you very much guys for all your hard work.
Denise Slaght - Head Teacher - Holy Rood Infants, Swindon
The children in Holy Rood Catholic Infants School have benefited hugely from the outstanding tennis coaching.
The pace of the lessons is very good. The children are challenged and quickly acquire the basic skills which are built on well enabling them to make very good progress.
As a result he children love tennis, are fully engaged and happy to learn.
Both coaches have an excellent rapport with the children.