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Performance Tennis Academy Programme

The Wiltshire Performance Tennis Academy is the Pathway designed for the most talented players. It follows the LTAD (long term athlete development) pathway from the LTA.

If any child shows the right ability, talent, commitment, enthusiasm in the development programme then the pathway they follow is the performance route.

Here the kids are playing the “correct” number of hours on court indicated by the LTA and are competing across the country throughout the year on a regular basis.

We have a strong team where we teach the Academy principle of “effort = success” and each player must fit into that principle to achieve their goals. The players will learn every shot and every tactic needed to succeed to the highest level.

We are the only LTA accredited performance Centre in Wiltshire and our sole focus is the performance of under 11 year old tennis players. However we do cater for older players and believe the environment we create based around intensity and performance means we have players from red to U18.

See our weekly training Schedule

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The Development | General Programme

Here at The Wiltshire Tennis Academy we cater for all players any age or any stage. We have a development Pathway that allows natural progression whichever route is best for you. Our development junior programme you can start at 3 years of age and can play right through to 18 years old. We specialise in creating a pathway suitable to allow children to play more than once a week and with the possibility in progressing through to the Wiltshire Performance Academy Programme.

In the development programme we start at 3/4 years of age at Mini Tots tennis stage and then we progress through the LTA Mini Tennis Pathway, which is Red/Orange/Green. During these sessions we teach the basic ABC (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination) plus all the tennis shots needed for the game and most importantly teach the rules and ‘how to play the game’.

From there we have Yellow squads from the ages of 11+. Here we teach the fundamental tennis skills ranging from forehand / Backhand / Serve through to the ever evolving tactics for both singles and doubles.

The last week of every term is always “Competition Week”, therefore enabling all the Kids to practice their skills learnt during the term in a competitive environment. This is a great way to both improve the tennis knowledge of the game to the kids but also highlight potential strengths and weaknesses to work on.

The Wiltshire Academy Team will also produce a Termly Report that the child takes away with them that clearly indicates how they are getting on, what they have been working on in the session and further progressions to be made the following term. This is a fantastic way to monitor the progress of the individual.

  It is an all year round Programme!! See our Weekly Schedule

School Tennis

The Wiltshire Tennis Academy has and continues to have strong links with local primary and infant schools. Here we go in and deliver tennis coaching from reception right the way through to year 6. We specifically specialise in the Reception to Year 2 ages and this is where we introduce the game of mini tennis to the children and help promote the sport to them to see if there is an attraction.

We deliver great sessions where we integrate the fundamental movement patterns all the way through from ABC’s (agility, balance and co-ordination) to technical aspects of each individual strokes.

We deliver during school and after school clubs and this in turn help us attract potential new talent and also promote the game to new people. Our goal with Schools is to offer new children the opportunity to be involved in a new sport.

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Junior Tennis Coaching


All junior tennis coaching programs we offer are within LTA framework. LTA mini tennis programs are fun and exciting way to get your children in to Tennis. Please register online for a FREE Taster session. Or call Steve on 07739172492 Or Neil on 07810522628.

Please read more about LTA framework and how mini Tennis benefits for your child's development.

Adult Tennis Coaching

We are currently in the process of setting up an Adults coaching programme that will run all year round. We are planning to be up and running by Sept 2013. This coaching will consist of weekly:
  1. Cardio Tennis sessions
  2. Singles/Doubles tactical play
  3. Ladies only sessions
  4. Beginners/Improves/Advanced sessions
  5. Match play
  6. Individual lessons (currently in process already)

Tennis fitness

Strength and Conditioning

We believe getting our players to do specific tennis exercises will not only benefit them for their tennis play but also educate them for future fitness goals. It is so important in today’s game that our players have and follow an S&C programme this is to ensure that the players are developing accordingly to the way they play and are fully functional in every aspect. We also try and ensure injury prevention by integrating the strength and conditioning within our coaching programme and have set times and schedules that the players must attend. We take the players through fitness tests and screening assessments using movements and drills to see the start point then progressively move them through different stages to encourage progression against their performance goals, with regular fitness tests and specific session with themes such as Movement, Strength and Fitness Improvement. We use Master Trainers who lead the fitness industry which are lecturing and educating other fitness instructors. Matt Gleed was in the final of Fitness Professional of the year 2013, works with Premiership football teams and is used as a consultant for top Health Club chains all over the UK and Middle East. David Parker has written fitness education syllabus and exam papers for entry level qualifications and his more recent years has been focused on advanced bio-mechanics of sports where he has set up his own education company.

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Tournaments | Competition

Here within The Wiltshire Tennis Academy we deliver a range of different internal and external events. Within our junior weekly programme we currently deliver internal match play on the last week of every term, this allows our coaching team to teach the youngsters the rules of the game and understandings of every tactical/technical aspect. This philosophy also allows the children to develop their skills they have learnt in a competitive environment and enables them to further their motivation within the game and want to learn more. On top of this we also deliver monthly External Grade 5 Mini Events that are LTA sanctioned events. Also within our programme we have numerous juniors who travel the width of the Country competing on a regular basis in the search of rating wins and ranking points. These committed juniors are competing through both the winter and summer seasons in order to achieve their goals.