About Us

wiltshire tennis coachingWhere we want to be!

We want to be the best Performance Tennis Academy in the UK. So we can create best performing tennis players from Wiltshire.

We believe efforts and hard work over talent. We have an experienced coaching team with continuously improving their coaching skills to give our players the techniques and motivation enable them to improve their performance to the best.

Where we are!

We are the only LTA performance academy in Wiltshire and one of only eleven in South West region. WTA was founded in 2006, since then we have grown our coaching team from 2 to 7 to enable us to accommodate the growing demand for our tennis coaching to give every player in the county a chance to reach their tennis potentials. Since founded we have had many achievements and following are some of them.
  • -Over 50 players represented Wiltshire
  • -12 Players selected for regional talent ID camps
  • -And 7 players have been selected for National talent ID camps
  • -20 players were crowned County Champions
  • -Two former academy players have represented Great Briton
  • -Former player Sam Hutt - National U14 Champion in 2008

We set our selves goals for our players..

- we always create a performance environment to engage the kids and provide the best possible learning conditions.
- aim to provide kids to regional/national talent Id every year.
- continue to create top national ranked/seasonal ranked, LTA matrix players
- provide on and off court education for players.

We are proud to say that we are committed to add a positive contribution for both our players and British tennis by providing best possible coaching programs in the country.




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Email us at info@wiltshiretennisacademy.org.uk